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Mortis is an automated system that allows Arma 3 game communities to exchange rules violation information and synchronize communities' ban databases. When a participating community bans a player, Mortis notifies all the other communities about the new ban, the reason behind it and its duration, which saves administrators the trouble of having to acquire the information and maintain the databases manually.

A project connected to Mortis can both receive ban info and send it to other projects. Each project can configure its own settings: for example, to ignore some types of bans (teamkills, mission convention violations) and automatically ban for some other violation types.

Mortis uses a simple and unified data exchange protocol which allows any community to be integrated.

To connect your project to the system you need to register on our website and contact the administration to get "Friendly Project Curator" role. This role gives access to Mortis documentation that will provide you with all the information you need to integrate Mortis into your project.

Communities connected to Mortis: